Germany - Bad.-Württemberg


To Baden-Württemberg, in the southwestern corner of Germany.

To Schwarzwald / The Black Forest; Hochschwarzwald, Südschwarzwald

and many interesting places and views...

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Another walk, Schluchsee DK1TX Sigi, looking for A hot day and one of Sigi - DK1TX DK1TX & DK4GZ...and...

DK1TX-Sigi & DK4GZ- DX in the Black Forest? the best things: A cool Gebhard - DK4GZ did you Gebhard, or I -

Gebhard Forest? A Rothaus Pils! Rothanus pils! Cheers! Hans - DL/SM0BYD get the best shot?

At Unterkrummenhof

2002-07-18 Waldkirch

Thanks Sigi-DK1TX

the views are from the Kastelburg ruin, overlooking Waldkirch NO walls came tumbling down!

and its surroundings

Sigi - DK1TX Gebhard - DK4GZ Zum Wohl! Cheers! "Die Drei von der Tankstelle"

enjoying a a Fürstenberg Živeli! (The first german blockbuster, Advertising for the

Rothaus Pils Weißbier premiered on 15 Sep 1930) Organ museum

The Waldkirch Organ Museum / Orgelmuseum Waldkirch DK4GZ & DK1TX, outside the church

Kastelburg in the background




Badenweiler, die Römische Badruine / The Roman Bath Ruins


Blick from Kandel / Views from Kandel


2004-05-26 At the viewpoint Gugelturm

in Herrischried-Giersbach DL/SM0BYD & Walter enjoying the view

And - the early misty morning of May 27 2004, from our bed and breakfast stop-over, near the Gugel viewpoint

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