Beograd - May 2013


Zdravo i


- To the SM0BYD impressions of Beograd and its surroundings.

This was my first visit to Srbija and Beograd and hopefully NOT the last...


11 - 25 May 2013


2013-05-12 and Day one in Beograd

Despota Stefana, on the street where I lived Below, towards Trg Republike Trg Republike

No smoking ban Trg Republike Knez Mihailova

in the bacground


Studentski Trg

On Uzun Mirkova

From Uzun Mirkova - - - Museum

Singidunum, the ancient

Ulica Kneza Mihaila name for Beograd/Belgrade

The various names

of the present Well, TANJUG

ULICA DEČANSKA speaks for itself...

Hotel Moskva on Terezije View from Kalemegdan: Studentski Trg

Sava, Brankov brigde etc

2013-05-14.....and...WOW... on the SUNNY side of the street....

Trg Republike, always busy Crkva Sv. Marka

Kalemegdan >>>

Views from Kalemegdan, over

Sava, towards Nove Beograd

Hotel Moskva, on Terazije

And, at the end of my day 3 in town - Radio Beograd, when

I was a BC DXer in the

1960s, a favourite stn!

2013-05-15 Crkva Sv. Marka

A view from Trg Rep 3 at 1651UTC at 1826UTC

2013-05-16 Another in the war,

A Beograd sightseeing tour.... by the coalition forces

bombed out building

4 views from Brankov Most/The Brankov Bridge Novi Beograd, as seen from

the first 3 with Sava and Kalemegdan in the background Brankov Most

Near the end of the sightseeing tour... Some final Beograd images

from May 16 2013 >>>

Along the Bulevar Despota Stefana, one of the busiest Beograd streets and the pollution has taken its toll... HVALA! - For another

for another perfect day.

2013-05-17 Stari Savska Most A typical scene in Beograd,

Balkanska in the backgr. hundreds of exchange offices

Novi Beograd

The Obelisk >>>

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