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by yours truly, Hans SM0BYD,

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The early videos from the mid 1990s, were shot with a Panasonic camera and the more recent from 2008 and on, with my simple digital camera brought along, in line: Canon Ixus 300, Ixus 500, a Powershot A2000IS

with which I took a salt water dip and had to be replaced with the latest used, an Ixus 95IS.

The old b/w photos are shot with my then Nikon F, a 105mm:2,5 lens and Kodak TRI-X.

A few videos will consequently, in due time, also be uploaded.

Al Grey at Mosebacke, Stockholm William "Count" Basie Great Guitars: Charlie Byrd, Barney Kessel,

1975-1980. Uppsala 1972 Herb Ellis - at Södra Teatern, Stockholm

In the background: Pelle Hultén, drums Early 1970s

Arne Domnerus, on the Arne Domnerus Quartet - with Lars Erstrand-vibes,

Solliden stage, a Monday Arne Wilhelmsson-bass, Pelle Hultén-drums,

July - August, around 1980 on the Solliden stage, July - August, around 1980

Benny Goodman & Billy Higins w. Clifford Pepper Adams, at Castle Hotel,

Lenny Bush at Stockholms Jordan 4 at Guldhatten Stockholm, late 70s

Konserthus, 19 Oct. 1976 Stockholm, 1970s

Rolf Ericson & Pepper Adams. at Pepper Adams, at Castle Hotel, Count Basie & John Clayton, 1970s

Castle Hotel, Stockholm, late 70s Stockholm, late 70s

Cliffford Jordan Quartet at Arne Domnérus-as, Red Mitchell-bass

Guldhatten, Stockholm and Red Rodney-tpt, at Solliden,

1970s Stockholm, 1970s

Thad Jones in the TJ-ML BB Janice Robinson w. the TJ - ML BB Pepper Adams with with the band, also - and Lew Soloff

at Estrad, Södertälje 1979 at Estrad, Södertälje 1979 thr TJ-ML BB 1979 Jerry Dodgion


Sture Nordin with Barney Kessel, at the (then) American Cultural Center, (during a one week B Kessel guitar workshop)


Between mid 1970s and early 1980s

at Mosebacke, Stockholm:

Toots Thielemans Quartet;

Toots Thielemans - gtr & harmonica, Knud Jörgensen - piano, Bengt Hansson - bass & Per "Pelle" Hultén - drums




Soprano Summit at Atlantic, Stockholm, 1977


Jay McShann & George Duvivier George Duvivier Carrie Smit

Marty Grosz & Bob Wilber Marty Grosz & Bob Wilber Kenny Davern

Kenny Davern & Marty Grosz Kenny Davern with, in the fuzzy Bob Wilber, soprano sax >>>

background, M Grosz & B Wilber

The SM0BYD Hans Löf Scott Hamilton collection

Among them a selection, from slides, not at all perfect but, history documented and at least good atmospheric shots....;

at Mosebacke, Stockholm, early 1980s. Scott H-ts, unkn-p, Arne Wilhelmsson-b, Per Hultén-dms

Red MItchell receives the swedish Illis quorum gold medal, by a representative of the swedish Government.

The year is 1991 and the place; Jazzclub Fasching in Stockholm

(at this event, NO swedish journalist or newspaper photographer was present. I offered all of the newspapers to use my photos,

NO interest at all...

Shame on all of them, for totally neglecting this very special event! But, through a friend, a tip to call a daily in Dalecarlia, gave

result and they published one of the photos shown here, and a comment, on the front page.


Keith Moore "Red" Mitchell, b. September 20 1927 in N.Y.C. and d. November 8 1992 in Salem, Oregon.

Illis Quorum (Illis Quorum Meruere Labores) - a medal awarded for outstanding contributions to swedish culture, science or

society... Illis Quorum was instituted in 1785 and is the oldest swedish governmental medal.

Here, try the SM0BYD Red Mitchell slide show...from a very unique jazz event in Stockholm, Sweden...so...enjoy...(I hope)

Nikola "Mimo" Mitrović Quartet

at Täby Jazzcafé 2004-11-21

Harry Allen 2005-11-20 Scott Hamilton & Harry Allen Lars Erstrand Four 2005-11-24

at Täby Jazzcafé at Täby Jazzcafé 2005-11-20 at Lidingö Jazzklubb Lars Erstrand - vibraphone

Bellmanmuseet, Långholmen, Stockholm 2006-07-12 Grünewaldsalen, Stockholms Konserthus:

Storyville Creepers & Hot Club de Suede with guest:

Weine Renliden Klas Lindquist - reeds. 2006-07-19

Stockholm Swing All Stars

at Jazzens Museum, Strömsholm

27 July 2011@1745UTC

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