Norrbotten - Sweden



This is my page about Norrbotten, a northern county in Sweden.

From an HAM Radio point of view: SM2.


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STORFORSEN RAPIDS; Storforsen, located in the Pite River, alongside road 374, at Bredsel. The rapids have a water flow of 250 m3/sec and the height is 60 m, which makes it among the biggest rapids in Europe and it is also the biggest unregulated one in Europe, with a total length from start to finish, of 5 km with a total height of 82 m.


The following photos were shot in July of 2008, while visiting my friend Arne SM2EJB.




Norrbotten 2004




2004-06-20 >>>

2000-08-08 and a dull, "grayish" and wet day as well...>>>