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The photo journey begins on August 30 2013, when we finally managed to arrange for a

truck crane lifting of our 3 element 80m yagi, from top of the 40m tower, down to ground level, in order to repair it, after it was struck in December of 2011, by a storm and all three elements broke on one side. The rotator suffered major damage as well.

Up on top of the tower, the yagi looks almost neat but...on the ground it clearly shows that it has quite monstrous proportions.



Below, the gang that made it all possible: SM0DZB/SM0T Tor(e); Göran the truck crane magician; SM0KDG Dag our master climber;

SM0W/SM0WKA/SM5WKA Teemu. Among other thiungs, behind a/the camera - SM0BYD Hans

Our 3 element 80m yagi, in its former glory, the way it looked ...And, the way it looked thereafter.

until late December of 2011, when a severe storm hit us and Aug 30 2013, we finally had a chance

damaged it. down for repair.SM0KDG Dag, climbing


August 30 2013 >>>


An all year around cavalcade of our antenna farm...and here goes:

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