SM0BYD - the artist



And I hope that you´ll find

the few copies of my "production" of sketches, charcoal,

pencil, pen and ink and very few and not good oil pastels...

It would please me if you find at least some, a bit interesting and/or enjoyable to view...

All the best and do stay healthy!


73 & 88



A tip; if interested in full sized pictures, please click on them. On the other hand, it might be as well with a lesser size...

Austria, Krimml Waterfall my first pair of shoes Stockholm Archipelago, Utö Windmill, Öland

charcoal charcoal pencil charcoal

Austria but, Norrbotten, Sweden

indian ink charcoal my first try at oil pastel, the year 1968 charcoal

St. Pers Church Ruin pencil - 2006

Sigtuna, Sweden

charcoal, 1968 indian ink pencil Freiburg i. Br., Germany

The old, now gone, Rotsunda Gård Norrbotten, Sweden

charcoal charcoal charcoal charcoal

Views from Brezzo di Bedero, towards Lago di Maggiore, Italy charcoal, 1981 charcoal,1981 Rosfors, Norrbotten

April 2004, charcoal. Owner: owner: 1992

Walter Günthner, Gundelfingen, DE April 2004, ink Ebbe Berndtsson charcoal

Abstract Elzach, B-Württemberg Another early attempt at charcoal Nature, 1981

oil pastel, 1968 indian ink, 2005 (the first year) 1968 charcoal

Mäster Pers Gränd, Stockholm

1974, charcoal