Stockholm, Sweden


Here and on a few more pages, I am going to show you images of my beloved Stockholm,

Sweden. I hope that you´ll like them!


A tip; if you want a larger size, please just click in the image...and...voilá...

Stockholm - 2013

And - we´re getting started with a foggy morning, at NYBROVIKEN, along STRANDVÄGSKAJEN, to DJURGÅRDEN and

all the way to BLOCKHUSUDDEN. The date is 2013-09-09

2013-08-28 Sta Clara Church in the background

and in front, a hole, formerly Hotel Continental


Stockholm - 2012


Stockholm - 2011


Stockholm - 2010

The Kaknäs Tower, 2005-03-04@1525UTC


Stockholm - 2009


Stockholm - 2008

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